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Upper School

High School at The Novus Academy comprises ninth through twelfth-grade students. We are committed to preparing these students for life after The Novus Academy. For some of our students, this may look like furthering their education in college, trade school, or technical school. For others, life after graduation may mean entering the workforce. Whatever the path, The Novus Academy is here to assist high school students and their families in learning about available opportunities.

The high school program consists of robust academics taught in differentiated groups. Students earn credits in all subjects as they work to achieve their high school diploma. Students graduating from The Novus Academy receive credits in all critical areas laid out by the state of Texas, including foreign language. Our high school elective offerings vary each year, depending on student interest. Some electives offered in the past include art, drama, music, coding, and cheer. Novus also offers dual credit in conjunction with Tarrant County College.

Unique to The Novus Academy are our partnerships with Beacon College and Texas Workforce Commission. Located in Leesburg, Florida, Beacon College is a leader in higher education for students with learning differences. A staff member from Beacon College leads a self-discovery program for our Novus high school students two days a week, focusing on executive functioning skills and skills needed for life after high school. This program also teaches our students how to navigate accommodations in college that fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Texas Workforce also leads classes for our high school students three days a week. They focus on skills needed in the workforce and in adult life. For example, they help students build resumes and teach them about money management, including budgets, loans, interest, and mortgages. In addition, they provide on-site job coaching for students who wish to get an after-school job through Texas Workforce.

A highlight for our high school seniors is the tradition of a “Senior Trip.” For the past few years, our senior students have chosen to take their trip to New York City. Our high school students enjoy building friendships with each other and spending time with one another at school events like prom. High school students organize service projects at The Novus Academy for our students to learn to give back to our community. 

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