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At Novus, we meet your child where they are academically, socially, and emotionally. Offering a customized curriculum allows us to tailor a plan to meet the needs of each student that best serves them. This allows us to build on strengths and focus on areas that require more intervention.

This is an important approach to education that can help students develop the skills and resilience they need to succeed in school and in life. At Novus, we create a supportive school climate and integrate social-emotional learning into the curriculum. We honor students’ strengths and provide opportunities for them to shine through the arts, performances and in physical education. Students participate in field trips and outdoor learning days to increase their world knowledge and have opportunities to experience learning outside of the classroom.

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Having a low teacher to student ratio provides many benefits for students with learning differences. At Novus, our students receive more individualized attention, have increased opportunities for participation, learn in a supported setting and are part of a positive learning environment.

Transition programming is an important process that helps students prepare for life after high school. This includes planning for post-secondary education, employment, independent
living, setting realistic goals and expectations and community participation. Novus is proud to partner with Beacon College and Texas Workforce Commission to develop programming that will help prepare our upper school students for their journey during their time at Novus and afterwards. These programs are offered as part of the upper school curriculum.

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and 1:1 technology is an important learning tool for our students. Novus provides students with their own device. Students learn how to use technology responsibly and care for their device. This also allows for increased access to information and improves engagement and participation in class.

The Novus Academy is accredited by Cognia ( Having this accreditation means that The Novus Academy is united with a network of other schools/organizations around the world that are committed to standards of educational excellence.

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Individualized Curriculum
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