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The Middle School at The Novus Academy includes seventh and eighth-grade students. We know and understand that middle school is a time of growth and change for students in all areas of life, including physical, social, emotional, and academic. At Novus, we encourage our
students to become curious learners. We teach them to ask questions, seek understanding, and learn to look at information from all sides as they form their own opinions.

In our middle school, core academic subjects like reading, math, and history are taught in differentiated groups. We know some of our students may need to hone the foundational skills learned in elementary school, while others are ready to take on the challenge of more advanced academics. Our curriculum is tailored to meet each child’s individual learning needs.

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Middle School

Social interactions are essential for all children, especially our young teens. Middle school students are grouped together for electives and academic subjects such as science and health. Middle and high school students are integrated for lunch and break times.

In all divisions of The Novus Academy, we focus on the “whole child.” Executive functioning skills, social skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking skills are directly taught and integrated into our school days. The students work in groups and learn about their learning styles and differences. We value the arts and incorporate them into our elective offerings each year.

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