Admissions Process

We personally invite you to come and visit our staff and students at The Novus Academy, so that you can directly experience what makes us so unique, vibrant, and exceptional!   

After the tour of The Novus Academy, your student will be invited to come for a Two-Day Visit ($125).  During this time, we will review your child's records and conduct testing, observations, and assessments to help both us and you determine whether Novus is well-matched to meet the student’s needs.

Within a few days of completing the Two-Day Visit, you will be notified whether your student has been accepted. Attendance at The Novus Academy is a privilege and not a right and the best results are produced when the student, family, and faculty are all able and willing to collaborate and trust in the process.  Growth takes time and patience, and we truly appreciate being on this journey along with your  amazing child.  


Image by Alan Labisch

It is Family.

It is Hope.

It is Home. 

And it is a place where lives are truly changed.