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Lower School

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The Lower School at The Novus Academy is made up of elementary grades, Kindergarten through fourth, and the intermediate grades, fifth and sixth.  The Lower School teachers educate the children in the foundational academic skills needed for success in middle school and high school.  

Students are placed in differentiated groups that allow them to work at their own level in core academic subjects like reading and math.  We utilize a comprehensive language arts curriculum that focuses on the building blocks of reading, comprehension, spelling and writing.  Students use a phonics-based approach to reading and spelling.  Students with dyslexia or other reading disorders may have additional reading time built into their schedules to work with the Academic Language Therapist using an Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory approach to reading.

Mathematics is taught in small groups using a traditional math curriculum that can be modified to fit the needs of the Novus students.  Teachers utilize manipulatives to help make abstract math concepts more concrete, and easier to understand.  

At The Novus Academy, we focus on educating the “whole child”.  Executive functioning skills, social skills, problem solving skills, and critical thinking skills are directly taught and integrated into our school days.  We incorporate the arts and physical education into the daily schedules for the students because we know these are areas in which they often shine.

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