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Applying to Novus

Step 1

Intake Call

Director of Admissions completes intake call and gathers information from parent. Director of Admissions requests neuropsych evaluation, FIE, IEP or any other assessments the child has had.

Step 2


When documentation is received from parents, Director of Admissions reviews with Head of School. Director of Admissions requests additional documentation if necessary.

Step 3

Tour of Campus/Meeting with Head of School

Director of Admissions arranges parents to come on a tour of Novus and learn more about the school program.  Parents will have a chance to briefly meet the Head of School.

Step 4

2-Day Visit Scheduled or Next Steps Discussed

After reading reports and visiting with parents, the Director of Admissions and Head of School determine if the child might benefit from Novus. Either a 2-Day Visit is scheduled, or referrals are made if the child does not seem to be an appropriate fit. The application and 2-Day Visit fee is $150.

Step 5

2-Day Visit

The student spends two days in the Novus classrooms and takes Renaissance STAR testing to determine approximate grade levels and functioning. Teachers fill out observation data from visit.  Director of Admissions updates parents on observations from the visit and discusses Novus' recommendation.

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