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Welcome to the Novus Academy!

Are you searching for a different educational experience for your child? Are you looking for a school where your child who learns differently can find success? Is your child currently surviving in school, but not thriving? If you answered yes to these questions, The Novus Academy may be the right school for you! Located in Grapevine, Texas, The Novus Academy has been serving students with learning differences for almost 10 years. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students find their academic strengths, grow in confidence, and meet their individual goals. We have created a unique learning environment where every child is important, every learning style is honored, and every achievement is celebrated.

Learning looks different for everyone. Unlocking the full potential of a child is what Novus does best.

When Bonnie said, "I can't read."

Novus said, "You can't read YET!"

Bonnie grew three grade levels in reading this school year!

Bonnie - 5th grade, 2nd year at Novus

When Jack started at Novus, we said “Jack will not be able to speak in front of an audience."

Novus said, ”Jack is not able to speak in front of an audience YET!"

Jack graduated from Novus this year and gave a beautiful commencement speech to a room full of adults!

Jill, Mom of 2023 Novus Graduate Jack

Come discover your child's YET! Give us a call today!

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