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Multi-Student Discount

For the 2021-2022 school year, The Novus Academy is pleased to offer families a Multi-Student Discount!

If your family enrolls more than one student at Novus:


  • Instead of paying an Annual Registration Fee for each student, only one Annual Registration Fee will be required for each family, regardless of the number of siblings that are enrolled. The discount is available to a family’s children, children under one’s guardianship, and step-children. Extended family members (e.g. cousins) are not eligible to receive the discount.

  • The lowest applicable Tuition for the additional sibling(s) will be discounted by 10%.


For example, The Doe family has three students enrolled at Novus: one in 2nd grade (Tuition: $19,650); one in 6th grade (Tuition: $20,050); and one in 9th grade (Tuition: $20,850):

The 9th grade student will be charged the full Tuition of $20,850. The 6th grade student’s Tuition of $20,050 will be discounted by $2,005. The 2nd grade student’s Tuition of $19,650 will be discounted by $1,965.

No other fees besides the Annual Registration Fee will be discounted for the other students (i.e., each of the three Doe siblings will pay the Technology, NAPA, and Supply fees in full).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Families who receive the Multi-Student Discount are not eligible to also receive Financial Assistance per F.A.S.T.’s recommendations. In certain situations, a family could conceivably receive more Financial Assistance through F.A.S.T. than it would receive under a Multi-Student Discount. Each family will need to decide for itself whether Financial Assistance or a Multi-Student Discount would result in the greatest overall savings, based on their particular circumstances.

We hope that providing this discount will allow families the ease and flexibility associated with having all of their children enrolled at the same school. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions about this discount at (817) 488-4555 or at

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